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The It Works Body Wraps is unique wraps which allows you to target any area of your body that you want to tighten, tone, & firm. Just unwrap, apply, and secure wrap in place with saran wrap…sit back and relax for 45 minutes! Check out my video below that shows you How to Apply the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator AKA That Crazy Wrap Thing!!

The It Works Body Wraps keep working for 72 hours after you remove it and results last for months with normal routines! The It Works Body Wraps retail for $99 for a box of 4 or you can BUY a box of 4 wraps at COST as a Loyal Customer or Distributor…for just $59!

For further INSTRUCTIONS on HOW TO USE the It Works Body Wrap and more info about our other products go to the WRAP INSTRUCTIONS page which has a detailed instructions file and a summary of everything…or you can click on SHOP NOW below if you are ready to order. 


How to get It Works Body Wraps plus other awesome products:

There are three (3) easy ways to get your hands on a body wrap. One of them is to BUY RETAIL by shopping now at this website. Simply pick the items you want, check out your cart, and pay for full price. It’s that simple! There are NO obligations and NO commitments.

When you BECOME A LOYAL CUSTOMER though, you earn special Perk Points and benefits! Perk Points get counted towards any future purchases. Sign up as a Loyal Customer by paying a $50 fee upfront with NO 3-month commitment; OR choose the 3-month auto ship commitment to immediately waive the fee. In addition, save up to 45% on your very first order on all your favorite It Works products. Enjoy free shipping after the 3-month commitment for all your orders.

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BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR and earn money! What could be better than achieving the body you want, while adding extra cash to your family budget? It’s a flexible and convenient way to earn while at home. This presents unlimited possibilities, especially for creative thinkers. Throw a Wrap Party to involve friends on this fun prospect; or offer someone the opportunity to look AND feel better anywhere: at gyms, salons, or spas – you can grow financially just by sharing the gift of beauty.

Aside from giving yourself the It Works wraps advantage, you’ll be joining hundreds of others who have helped changed lives through one revolutionary product.

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Any references of income on this page is based on average possible earnings and does NOT guarantee any specific amount. Whatever profit the distributor earns is dependent on the amount of work, the kind of activities, as well as effort that is put in the business.


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