When you Become an It Works Distributor you get a Business Builder Kit that has 1 Box of 4 Body Wraps, New Distributor Literature & Tools and the rights to SELL our products. I am always looking for people who are ready to get started making money and are serious about getting to work!  As an It Works Distributor you do get to buy products at cost as well as have the rights to sell It Works products.  If you are NOT interested in SELLING our products to MAKE MONEY then your BEST OPTION for you is to sign up as an It Works Loyal Customer.  The only difference between a Distributor and Loyal Customer is a Distributor has the rights to sell products whereas a Loyal Customer does not.  They both get the exact same  wholesale pricing on all products…plus the Loyal Customer also earns 10% back on every purchase and can earn Free Shipping on orders!  Please check out the Become an It Works Loyal Customer page to find out more about that option.

As an It Works Distributor you have many opportunities to earn extra money as well as build a successful business!  What you do is up to you!  There is NO pressure to do anything however if you can follow our simple STEPS to SUCCESS 3 Step System, PLUG INTO our Facebook Team Group at http://facebook.com/groups/iwnewsinfo and our Conference Calls/Webinars, USE the PRODUCTS and commit yourself to working your business by sharing with others…you can SUCCEED and reach any level you want!  YOU decide how much you want to earn and then follow our simple STEPS to SUCCESS 3 Step System to earn and achieve whatever you want! 

We have a very successful team of distributors which includes some million dollar club members as well as others who earn any where from $21 to $200K or more a month.  While no earnings are guaranteed, YOU have this same opportunity and with hard work, passion, consistency, determination and believe…you can be living your dream life too!  Our team has so much FUN training and Leadership to offer you and we follow the Layered Leadership principle to create a life we love…not a business that we have to spend all our time managing. I can’t wait to help you become my next WRAP STAR!  I LOVE what I do and I LOVE working very closely with my new team members to help them earn all that they can!  Take a look at the chart below to see just HOW MUCH It Works Distributors can and do earn!

HOW MUCH MONEY do It Works Distributors EARN?

WHAT DO YOU GET when you SIGN UP with the $99 Business Kit?

WHAT does an It Works Distributor DO?


We are currently OPEN for business in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland and is working on opening in even more countries across the globe as soon as possible!

For other information regarding rules, guidelines, etc. please see the It Works Policies and Procedures.

WHY It Works? WHY NOW? WHY Our Team?

Our TEAM has it ALL! We have systems and training already in place! Once you get signed up you will be invited to our exclusive online community for training, learning, and growth! You will have access to learn from the best in the business…all on your own time at your own pace! Our layered leadership has a proven success record for those who are ready to take YOUR business to a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL!




HOW MUCH CAN I EARN as an It Works Distributor?


Earnings Disclaimer:  Any and all claims or representations referring to earnings, lifestyle or income contained on this website or in any It Works! document are not a guarantee. Earnings of existing distributors are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an It Works! distributor can or will earn through his participation in the It Works! compensation plan. No one can be guaranteed success as an It Works! distributor. Any earnings or success you achieve will vary according to the geographic location, time, and effort applied to your particular business, and is not a guarantee by It Works!, its management, staff, or distributors. Success with It Works! Occurs only from successful sales efforts which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Not all distributors make money. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. There are no guarantees and there can be no assurance that any prior successes or past results, as to financial outcome expressed on this website can be used as an indication of your future success or results. Outcomes expressed on this website are not to be considered as average. On average few individuals achieve a high degree of success in this business. Internet business activities have unknown risks involved and are not suitable for everyone. Making decisions based on any information presented on our website should be down only with the knowledge that you could experience losses or produce no financial outcome at all.

EARN 40%-50% on EVERYTHING you SELL!

When you Become an It Works Distributor, you have an amazing opportunity which provides a flexible and easy way to add income to your family budget! The incredible Compensation Plan offers a lucrative and viable option for anyone to become successful in a very short time…just by sharing the Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps and other products and opportunity with everyone. There’s no need to have tons of inventory…just send people to your website and they can order directly from the company. Keep a box or two of the Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps on hand for yourself…and to wrap others and sell each Ultimate Body Applicator wrap for up to $35 each. Get some friends together for a Wrap Party…and wrap each guest for some QUICK WRAP CASH plus sign up Loyal Customers and Distributors all in the party setting and start building your team and earning commissions from your team. Offer the Ultimate Body Applicator wrap and other products to Salons, Spas, Gyms, etc. to grow your organization even faster and wider. It Works is Global…so you have the power to expand beyond your dreams!


As soon as you add your 1st Loyal Customer or Distributor to your team you start earning 10% commission plus 5% more commission enroller bonus (total of 15%) on all your 1st Level Loyal Customers and Distributors! Earn 10% on your 2nd Level Loyal Customers and Distributors! Keep sharing and adding people to your team and you can be making $200-$300 in less than a month…if you are working the business! Check out our COMPENSATION PLAN!


  • $120 free product when YOU are on $80 BV Auto Ship and gather 4 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days
  • Fast Start BONUS – As you grow your team, for each new Distributor you sign up, when that new Distributor gains 2 Loyal Customers in their first 30 days…you get a $100 Fast Start Bonus! (Note: to be qualified for this BONUS you have to be Fast Start Bonus Qualified…which simply means that you did have an $80 BV Auto Ship in place and processed after you first signed up)
  • 4 Ultimate Body Applicators for ONLY $25 – For every TWO Loyal Customers that sign up, you can order a box of 4 Ultimate Body Applicators for a flat $25…and a box of 4 Facial Applicators for a flat $20!
  • $600 Loyal Customer Bonus – When you get a total of 60 or more Loyal Customers in your down line and your PBV (Personal Bonus Volume) reaches $3000 or more in a month…and for every month that you meet those two things…you earn a $600 Bonus! PBV includes personal orders, loyal customer orders, & retail orders…not distributor orders 8. Access to special packages that are priced to help you get the best deal on packaged products! NOTES: POV is personal order volume which includes your orders and your retail customer orders. PBV (BV – bonus volume) is personal bonus volume which includes your orders and your loyal customer’s orders. PGV (GV – group volume) is personal group volume which includes your orders, your loyal customer’s orders, your distributor’s orders, their distributor’s, their loyal customer’s, etc. Basically your whole group excluding retail customer orders. Commissions are based on PBV (BV – bonus volume) and/or PGV (GV – group volume)…depending on what your title is.