It’s Time to Update Your Mom’s Diet

Do you still remember how your mom tells you about having a clean plate after every meal? Are you still trying to adapt on that habit? Perhaps, it’s about time to revamp that kind of diet. Let’s try to polish some of those eating habits we grew up with.

Myth # 1: No eating in between meals, else you’ll lose your appetite.

So long as you choose it right, having a snack can be healthy. Just because you’re eating in between meals, doesn’t mean it will ruin your appetite. Here’s the simple truth that you need to know. Snacking can keep you from feeling hungry before having your lunch or dinner. Moreover, it maintains your blood sugar level.

Update: Cut down the amount of food you take during mealtimes so you will have enough room for a 100-200 calorie power snack after. In other words, you can always have your favorite fruit for your snack. Yogurt or nuts can be healthy.

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It Works Exfoliating Peel

Removing daily debris, peeling away excess oils and dead skin cells which contribute to clogging your pores...just got a little easier with the It Works Exfoliating Peel*!  Take your skin care to a whole notha level by revealing your newest skin cells which lesses the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles
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It Works Body Wraps New Zealand

I am so excited to announce that the It Works Body Wraps New Zealand will be available open for business on November 1, 2014!!! Get ready to get your wrap on New Zealand! Beginning 11/1/14 you will be able to order our famous It Works Body Wraps and other It
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Let this Halloween 2014 Scare Your Fat Off!

Did you know that watching those scary movies can also scare your pounds off? It may sound silly, but it’s true.

Halloween Preparations

One week more to go and it’s that time of the year where kids knock at your door and ask for some treats. Streets will be busy and your neighborhood will be full of kids and even adults wearing their spooky costumes. There’s no one to blame, this year is just as celebrated as with the other holidays. Parties here and trick-or-treats there. The tempting colors of chocolates and chewy candies.

You have to keep in mind that you need to contain yourself and don’t be lured by all these things that could ruin, not just your beauty, but your skin and body as well. In short, although kids may love these treats, too much of it is no longer good for your health.

So, here’s a better way to prepare yourself for this much-awaited holiday this year – gather your best, scariest movies and drench yourself as you burn your calories off.

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The 10 Commandments for Women In Their 20’s

Brace yourself: you’re about to take an adventure of a lifetime!

A lot of people believe that reaching this age can be a challenge. This is also the stage where you could achieve your life’s primal fun and excitement. Would you agree? Life is just extraordinary. However, with all these things going on around us, enjoying the time of your life being 20 can be crucial. In other words, it’s difficult to stay focused on one thing. You can focus on getting a degree yet losing concentration on becoming fit. You have to admit, staying healthy can be difficult. In order to transform those melancholic days to brighter ones, read on and pump up your energy levels.

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How to Cope With Your Workout Woes?

Can you blame it on the season?

You have to admit, there are some days where you feel so tired and groggy. Does it have something to do with the gloomy weather and season? There are times when you don’t want to move. You feel tired. Those motivational lines just didn’t seem to work for you this time. Can you blame it on your tight schedule that you can’t even squeeze in a 10-minute workout? It’s about time to have a smart solution to these problems we’re facing in.

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6 Reasons You Can’t Keep Perfect Skin. # 4 is Something New

You’ve realized that we’re on to the last quarter of the year, and you’ve spent too much to keep your skin perfect. You have probably sought for the top skin supplements there is, yet nothing seems to work. Some got lucky enough that they have found the best product that’s right for their skin. On the other hand, there are a number who do not know what else has gone wrong with what they have been doing. They simply couldn’t keep perfect skin.

Here are 6 reasons that would serve as an eye opener.

Don’t be guilty! It could be mind-blowing, but it will surely enlighten you.

6 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong:

# 1: There is a right skin care product for your skin.

What kind of beauty skin care products do you use? Is it for your skin type? This is the reason you have to know and understand your skin. Additionally, do not ignore the labels right at the back of cosmetic bottles. They wouldn’t be there for nothing. Be keen with the ingredients and how it would work for you. These days, most people prefer to go with products that contain natural components. It’s safe – and not to mention, it effectively goes deep into your skin to do its work; leaving it smooth and younger looking. After all, this is the kind of skin everyone wants to achieve.

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Will this be the Revolutionary Skin Care Solution?

Everyone wants it done, now!

Along with the evolving technology and new discoveries, people want everything done faster, not to mention, lighter too. In the recent post, we talked about this secret ingredient people might have ignored about. You have to admit, taking care of your skin is not easy. You have to perform a series of rituals that may require too much of your time and money – two of the things you don’t want to deprive yourself of. So, you want everything done at the soonest possible time. Yes, that includes soothing your tired and wrinkling skin. But, is it possible?

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Morning Skin Care Tutorial For Dummies

Whenever you talk about beauty rituals, the princess in you comes out at night. You think about relaxing and rewarding yourself a soothing bath in your tub. Your aim is to achieve that beautiful face. Not to mention adding your favorite aroma, and doing that 10-step-skin regimen an Asian friend taught you of. But, what happened to your mornings? You have to admit, every morning is a battle. You’re always in a hurry that you would be lucky that you have washed your face and brushed your teeth.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend, Healthy and Happy Skin

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day 2014 weekend is just a few sleeps away. Not to mention, the last days of summer, the -ber months are coming, and a new season arrives. It’s time to make the most out of the sunny days. You would know exactly what this means. Just before we adjourn August, here are some great tips for healthy and happy skin during this recess.

Yes, you got it right! These days, the sun must no longer win. Instead, you need to gear up and put on the armor against UV rays. In short, you need to have stronger protection for your skin. Otherwise, your fun Labor Day weekend will turn into gloomy days. You would not want to have that. You wouldn’t want to have any skin condition pop out from nowhere. As a matter of fact, you’re looking forward to a great weekend vacation with your friends and your family as well.

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