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What You Do in the Morning Matters

You’ve done almost everything you can, only to blast those fats. However, no matter what you do, it seems nothing has changed. You have to admit, you’re in the verge of giving up. DON’T! Not this time yet. With all the fun and eating on the holidays, not to mention, there’s only less than a week left for Thanksgiving, do not lose hope. There is still one most important thing you can do to achieve the body you have been dreaming of.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to sweat it all out and pump up the training wheel to meet your goals.

How would you feel if you knew that what you do in the morning matters the most?

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Late Night Habits that Might Increase Your Waistline

“I am just trying to finish something from work.”
“Let me just finish this movie… please.”
“It’s Friday and tomorrow’s going to be my weekend off. Finally, rest days are coming.”

And there’s a few more ‘good’ reasons you can think of staying late at night. Guilty as charged! As a matter of fact, the more you stay up all night, the more you binge and dunk more food in your mouth just to keep yourself up.

In the previous post, we put on the blame on our smoking habit. Something that we unknowingly have been blowing our waistline and adding numbers to the bathroom scale every time we step on it. Good job on putting off that cigarette butt and trying to renew and live a healthy life. Congratulations! We’re slowly moving forward and not going back to our old health and body. You’ve done a big step from there. Now, there’s no stopping. Let’s continue to take another step and get ready for a great transformation as you welcome another year. Although it could be a couple of months away yet, but great things come from small beginnings.

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An Unseen Suspect Behind Your Weight Gain

Here’s a good reason to jump for joy if your city no longer allows smoky bars. However, if they still do, then perhaps, you should continue reading and be surprised of the new repercussion of smoking – gaining weight.

Why do people smoke?

You may have tried asking a few number of people why they smoke. One would respond and tell you how they are thankful for cigarettes that it has suppressed their appetite. Meanwhile, some people also have their own reasons. It boosts their confidence. It adds to their ‘cool’ image. And there are those, who simply enjoy puffing.

If smoking has done something good to people and their health, then probably, doctors have been prescribing this as an antidote or alternative to the medications and other treatment they are taking in. Cigarette smoking has its effects, mostly they’re negative. It won’t make you happy. As a matter of fact, every puff enables our cells to change the way they respond to insulin – causing your weight to increase.

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All the Bittersweet of November

Post Halloween Syndrome

Following the fun and joys of Halloween and all the trick or treating, let’s face it, with all these chocolates and candies, you can’t just stare at them. At some point, you grab one to ‘satisfy’ your cravings. Not to mention, it only happens once in a year, right? So, nothing to worry about. That’s what you think it is. Sugar can be sweet; but too much of it can also be bitter.

Sugar is the New Food Villain

It just happens every year, experts are declaring the new food villain – sugar. Most people believe how sugar becomes a ‘poison’ and something that has been slowly killing us.

This doesn’t mean we should forget it and turn our back on this bad guy. As a matter of fact, sweet people probably couldn’t stand thinking that they would stop having sugar. Truth is, sugar is considered as our body’s fuel. However, again, too much of it can lead to terrible effects to your health and body.

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It’s Time to Update Your Mom’s Diet

Do you still remember how your mom tells you about having a clean plate after every meal? Are you still trying to adapt on that habit? Perhaps, it’s about time to revamp that kind of diet. Let’s try to polish some of those eating habits we grew up with.

Myth # 1: No eating in between meals, else you’ll lose your appetite.

So long as you choose it right, having a snack can be healthy. Just because you’re eating in between meals, doesn’t mean it will ruin your appetite. Here’s the simple truth that you need to know. Snacking can keep you from feeling hungry before having your lunch or dinner. Moreover, it maintains your blood sugar level.

Update: Cut down the amount of food you take during mealtimes so you will have enough room for a 100-200 calorie power snack after. In other words, you can always have your favorite fruit for your snack. Yogurt or nuts can be healthy.

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It Works Exfoliating Peel

Removing daily debris, peeling away excess oils and dead skin cells which contribute to clogging your pores...just got a little easier with the It Works Exfoliating Peel*!  Take your skin care to a whole notha level by revealing your newest skin cells which lesses the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles
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It Works Body Wraps New Zealand

I am so excited to announce that the It Works Body Wraps New Zealand will be available open for business on November 1, 2014!!! Get ready to get your wrap on New Zealand! Beginning 11/1/14 you will be able to order our famous It Works Body Wraps and other It
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Let this Halloween 2014 Scare Your Fat Off!

Did you know that watching those scary movies can also scare your pounds off? It may sound silly, but it’s true.

Halloween Preparations

One week more to go and it’s that time of the year where kids knock at your door and ask for some treats. Streets will be busy and your neighborhood will be full of kids and even adults wearing their spooky costumes. There’s no one to blame, this year is just as celebrated as with the other holidays. Parties here and trick-or-treats there. The tempting colors of chocolates and chewy candies.

You have to keep in mind that you need to contain yourself and don’t be lured by all these things that could ruin, not just your beauty, but your skin and body as well. In short, although kids may love these treats, too much of it is no longer good for your health.

So, here’s a better way to prepare yourself for this much-awaited holiday this year – gather your best, scariest movies and drench yourself as you burn your calories off.

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