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It’s Vital™ Complete Nutrition Pack: 3 in 1 Solution to Healthy Life

Physical and overall well being is hard to achieve. How to eat right? How to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Staying healthy is everybody’s priority. However, because of everyday hassles and the chemicals we take in whether intentional or not, we can’t guard our health 24/7. To all of these concerns, taking supplements is essential to keep and maintain good health that has been defined as not the mere absence of disease but the manifestation of vibrant state through unlocking peak performance in the body.

Finally, It’s Vital™ Complete Nutrition Pack is here to provide you with all the nutrients vital for daily nutrition requirement. It is an advanced solution formulated by Dr. Don VerHulst, M.D, boasts to have superior calcium absorption, nutrients and minerals, and three times strength support for a healthy heart and overall well being. It’s Vital Complete Nutrition Pack is made complete by It’s Vital Core Nutrition, It’s Vital Minerals and It’s Vital Omega-3, that when combined will provide excellent nutrition.


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Component I: It’s Vital Core Nutrition

It is an innovative formula that contains vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (sometimes called phytonutrients) that the body needs everyday to maintain inner strength and stable health conditions. Phytochemicals refer to the plant nutrients that are essential in sustaining life; it is scientifically proven to be one of the bioactive ingredients that fight illnesses including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is hard to get enough phytonutrients, plant based, gluten free and antioxidants in one’s diet and will require large expenses. So, It’s Vital, with its cutting edge technology blended these essential nutrients and encapsulate the tablet in a natural mint flavored coating that can be cut in half or crushed to mix with food or water. It will nourish the body for a whole day activity, will boost physical energy and keep mental sharpness. It will also aid metabolism to help the body burn calories.

Component II: It’s Vital Minerals

It is a premium mineral blend that contains calcium and Vitamin D that maintain strength of the bones, teeth and muscles. It is powered by sea algae-derived Aquamin®- rich in calcium, magnesium and 74 other trace minerals, including zinc, iron and selenium. Calcium can be wasted if it is not absorbed by the body however due to the superior calcium absorption present in It’s Vital Minerals, it goes directly to the body quickly and target the spot it is needed the most. Because of its Vitamins K1 and K2 (MK-7) and Vitamin K2 arterial calcification, age-related cardiovascular diseases and hardening of the arteries can be minimized.

Component III: It’s Vital Omega-3

It is a triple strength support for your heart with strength DHA and EPA fatty acids. These are fatty acids that play an important role in maintaining overall health, building up healthy cholesterols, and empowering movement through helping the body fight minor inflammation while nourishing the skin, hair and nails and improving collagen production to stay young, agile, and feel good about yourself. The rosemary-based antioxidants fight free radicals to delay aging process.

It’s Vital™ Complete Nutrition Pack is indeed a 3 in 1 solution to have a healthy life. With its main components you can assure a better and healthier living. When your diet can’t provide the required nutrients and minerals to prolong good health, you must take dietary supplements to compensate for deficiencies. However, as supplements are taken as nutrients’ booster and not as treatment nor cure for diseases, you still need to be careful of what you eat and what you do. You have to follow natural ways of being healthy including regular exercises, and healthy diets and lifestyle. Health is wealth and just as wealth is earned through hard work, health follows the same.



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